I'm  M. Oktay Baysal, a gameplay programmer and designer with 4 years of experience.

    I am currently working on commercial titles under StudioDiakamos. An indie studio that I co-founded.

I've also worked on prototype projects to showcase my capabilities using Unity. I usually challenge myself with complex gameplay idea prototypes and challenging scripts such as "NPC/Enemy AI" that have lots of parameters and behaviour patterns.

I've always liked mathematics and physics. One of the reasons I love this job is that game development requires a good understanding of both.

I love video-games and grew up with them. That's why I love coming up with gameplay or complex mechanic ideas and developing them. I research a lot to educate and improve myself further along the way.

I currently work at a small game studio that I co-founded. You can reach me at moktaybysl@gmail.com or through here.